Art was Lianna's first passion and on the road as the child of a travel photographer she developed a global perspective early in life. Her non-traditional education evolved through literature, experience and a self-driven search for knowledge. 

A lifelong love of nature and gardening prompted her interest in floral design, which led to 7 years as a Custom Designer at the Winston Flowers Studio in Boston where she trained with floral masters in contemporary and classic design techniques and color theory. 

Her multi-media artwork reflects her own journey of spiritual self-discovery and sexual identity. It explores themes of justice, civil rights, mental illness, the rise of technology, religion, the celestial nature of the human spirit, and critiques the cultural imbalance in western society around the persecution of divine feminine sexuality. Intricate fractal-like patterns often emerge in her work, highlighting the meditative quality of her creative process. 

Lianna lives and works in New York City.

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